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Traces back some billions of years into the heart of the earth where diamonds are created, bearing witness to the formation of the earth as it will to your love. The ancient Greeks name it ‘adamas’ the unbreakable, like the strength of your commitment. It’s inner fire like an inextinguishable flame of love, frozen forever in time.

85,000,000 carats of diamonds are produced annually, only 20 percent of these diamonds are of gem quality. Adhering to the strictest of standards, Stolen Heart diamonds are cut not to save weight. Each facet is painstakingly calculated, cut and polished to reveal 8 perfectly placed hearts and arrows of impeccable symmetry and proportion that burns with the world’s most beautiful inner fire. This promise of unsurpassed beauty and fire further reduces the percentage of gem quality diamonds to only 5 percent making each Stolen Heart diamonds extraordinary, perfect and worthy of your lifetime promise.

Graded by the prestigious International Gemological Institute (IGI) office in Antwerp, Belgium. Each Stolen Heart Diamond of 0.15 carat and above is laser inscribed with its individual identification number like a thumbprint that can be traced by its global offices as wel ass its website. This is the assurance and integrity that your Stolen Heart diamond will be the one and only that you will want and cherish in years to come.

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